Choosing effective promotional giveaways for your event

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Promotional products play an important part in any successful event marketing strategy.

You want to get the best possible branded giveaways for your event, but an enormous catalogue of enticing gift ideas and tempting promotional items in every colour, shape and size is overwhelming.

How do you choose event giveaways that recipients will love? How do you find that desirable custom gift they will keep in their home or office and use regularly? And how do you choose collateral that will make them a long-time customer, ambassador and devotee?

Here are our four tips for choosing the most effective swag for your next event.

Start with your aims at the event

Do not get overawed when going through the catalogue and let strategy go out of the window. If your purpose is to promote your company’s core values, then perhaps you could list all of those values on the product. Of course, if this is a paragraph of text then that might not be possible. However, if you have short phrases as company values, printing those is completely achievable.

Factor in audience and audience size

The size of your prospective audience will drive your budget. If you are hosting a small exclusive event where guests have to buy tickets then that exclusivity suggests visitors should receive a bag with a selection of high quality goodies. If you are exhibiting at a larger event, perhaps you could liaise with the organisers to supply the cotton bags with literature that are handed out to every delegate as they arrive, giving you a prominent advertising slot.

Consider event giveaways that are useful and have a long shelf life

There are plenty of inexpensive products that are both useful and have a long life span that can keep your company top of mind. Portable phone chargers, trolley coin keyrings and bookmarks could be options for your branded merchandise. Items with a long shelf life give you a better ROI than almost any other form of advertising.

Remember to be memorable

Desktop items are an amazing opportunity for you to be remembered. Look at your desk right now, are there sticky notes, a stapler, a coaster, a calendar or a pen pot? Each of these items is an opportunity for you to advertise your brand and put it in front of your customer for several hours of every day. Who do you think they are going to call when they need the product or service you offer? Plus, you have even made it easy for them to get in touch as your contact details are right in front of them.

By following the advice in this article you will have a better understanding of how to choose the best promotional giveaways for your event. It will become easier when you focus on your aims, factor in audience size, consider giveaways with a long shelf life and keep in mind the lingering experience customers have with your company.

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