What to have with you when exhibiting

The devil is in the detail; sometimes it is the smallest thing that will say the most about you and your company. If you are manning the stand at an exhibition, you should aim for a smooth, seamless, professional experience for visitors to your stand. To leave a lasting good impression, here is a checklist […]

The four communication styles

Are we not all talking the same language? Not necessarily! We all have unique communication styles and when they clash they can wreak havoc on our working relationships. Although we all like to think we are saying exactly what we mean, that is not always the case, especially when we are talking to someone who […]

How to make a good first impression

Talking to business contacts face-to-face is an integral part of exhibitions and tradeshows. It is crucial to building trust and developing strong relationships. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, mastering the art of networking is a vital skill for making the most of the opportunities available to you at events. In many interpersonal […]

Why exhibit?

Successful businesses are built on strong relationships. When it comes to building relationships, face to face conversations with clients and new prospects is the most effective way to do this. People respond to people so, despite the growth of online marketing, nothing beats personal contact. Therefore, a well planned and executed exhibition can be the […]