How to draw a crowd at a busy event

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Like any other form of marketing, exhibitions are all about ROI. The higher the number of visitors you can attract to your stand, the more leads you will walk away with.

But how do you draw a crowd at a busy event? Read below to find out how to make your next exhibition a success.

Clear branding

Avoid having busy or cluttered visuals. Having a really clear, concise message and a prominent logo will make it really easy for visitors to either recognise you or work out exactly who you are and what you do.


You could have screens on stand playing videos with more details about what you do. Videos not only offer excellent advertising opportunities, they also help to make your space stand out. Videos will capture your audiences’ attention and help to enhance their experience on stand.


Make sure your all of your staff are friendly and approachable. When it is quiet, do not let staff engage in conversations with each other, as this will make them look busy and put off visitors approaching. If there are too many members of staff on stand it may look intimidating to visitors. In quiet periods you could send some off out into the exhibition. But make sure it is easy to contact them when they need to come back to the stand.


Competitions with attractive prizes will draw people to your stand. Make sure not to offer any old prize, like an iPad. Attract decision makers by offering free samples of your products or service. Fun competitions with noise will create a buzz around your stand will help attract more people.


You could have a seating area within the stand with large screens for visitors to attend presentations on the stand itself. A good presentation will captivate your audience will enable you to leave a lasting impression long after your event is over.

By following the advice in this article, you will be better equipped to drive traffic to your stand at your next exhibition.

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