The four communication styles

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Are we not all talking the same language? Not necessarily! We all have unique communication styles and when they clash they can wreak havoc on our working relationships.

Although we all like to think we are saying exactly what we mean, that is not always the case, especially when we are talking to someone who uses a communication style very different to our own.

There are four types of communication style: yellow, red, blue and green.


Relationships are important to people that are yellow. They have strong feelings of personal worth, are fast paced, enthusiastic and not afraid of risks.

  • How to spot a yellow: They get excited. They are enthusiastic about every idea
  • What they dislike: Boring explanations/wasting time with too many facts
  • Reacts to pressure/tension by: “Selling” their idea or being argumentative
  • Likes to save: Effort. They rely on hunches, intuition and feelings
  • The best way to deal with a yellow: Get excited with them, show emotion


Reds like to focus on results. They do not share feelings and have little concern for relationships. They can be seen as dominating, fast paced and decisive.

  • How to spot a red: They like their own way. They have decisive, strong viewpoints
  • What they dislike: Someone wasting their time trying to decide for them
  • Reacts to pressure/tension by: Taking charge, taking more control
  • Likes to save: Time. They are efficient and get things done immediately
  • The best way to deal with a red: Let them be in charge


Blues are efficient perfectionists. They are slow and cautious, task orientated and work well alone.

  • How to spot a blue: They seek detail, ask questions and behave systematically
  • What they dislike: Making an error, being unprepared and spontaneity
  • Reacts to pressure/tension by: Seeking more data and information
  • Likes to save: Face. They hate to be wrong or not have enough information
  • The best way to deal with a blue: Provide lots of data and information


Greens are warm and friendly. They share feelings are good listeners and cooperate with others well.

  • How to spot a green: They like to be helpful and to be valued and appreciated
  • What they dislike: Rejection, uncaring and unfeeling attitudes
  • Reacts to pressure/tension by: Becomes silent, withdrawing and being introspective
  • Likes to save: Relationships. Friendship means a lot to them
  • The best way to deal with a green: Be supportive and show you care

When you are next on stand at an exhibition, attempting to make a sale or cooperate with someone, look and listen for clues that will identify the individual’s communication style. Once you are able to recognise and adjust to their style you will find it easier to build rapport from which you can develop a good working relationship.

By following the advice in this article you will have a better understanding of the four communication styles and how you can adapt to them in order to build better working relationships.

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